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Site Information Gathering

Ok, next assignment from my sensei.
Perform information gathering on these sites..

after some time scanning, here’s my result :
First of all, I do nslookup in order to know the original IP of the target. By performing this command I also can get Information about the IP block owned by the target.

# nslookup

here’s the result. Continue Reading

My First Information Gathering

Information Gathering is the first step of hacking/pentesting,
Its purpose is to get as much information on the target system by any means.

Information gathering divided into two :
A. Technical
Technical Information gathering use the tools available actively. Technical information gathering also divided into two more :
1. Active Information Gathering
This technique interact with the target system directly (ex. scanning).
2. Passive Information Gathering
This technique doesn’t interact with the target system directly(ex.googling)
B. Non Technical
This kind of information gathering doesn’t involve the tools available actively (ex. social engineering)
Today, my sensei gave an assignment to perform a network and web information gathering at the network
With a few knowledge of the tools used in information gathering I perform some test on the network.
So, here’s my result of the information gathering. Continue Reading