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Introduction to “CPU Register”

If we want to master the Buffer Overflow technique, first we must have a knowledge in CPU Register. Register is the part of the processor’s memory that can be accessed with a high speed and always used by microprocessor as the medium to do its work.

An x86 based CPU used 8 register : EAX, EBX, ECX, EDX, ESI, EDI, EBP, and ESP. Each of them designed for a specific job that make the CPU process the information eficiently.

1. EAX Register
Used to perform calculations and store the value returned from the function call. Basic operations such ass add, subtract, and compare is optimized in EAX Register. Special operations such as multiplication and divide are done by EAX Register. Continue Reading

Hacking Framework

Here’s the phases of hacking/ Hacking Framework :

1. Information Gathering
2. Service Enumeration
3. Vulnerability Assessment
4. Exploitation
5. Backdooring
6. Housekeeping
7. Rootkit/Maintain Access

Lets study these phase one by one. Continue Reading

PenTest at Glance

What is Pentest ??

PenTest is the acronym for Penetration Test,
Penetration Test itself is a method to evaluate the security of a computer or a network by simulating possible real attack performed by Black hackers or cracker.
So generally, Pentest is not a bad activity and have a good ethics. By simulating the attack performed by the black hackers, Pentester also try to attack the system using the ways that also will possibly used by the real black hackers or crackers. PenTest is more to the defensive purpose (because after attack the system and find the weak point of the system, pentester will inform the admin of the system to fix it).

Then, who is PenTester?? Continue Reading