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Introduction to “OllyDbg”

In this post, we’ve learned about reverse engineering. What we will talk now is one of the tool used for that called OllyDbg.

Before discussing OllyDbg, we must know what is debugging. Debugging is a structured process to find and reduce the number of bugs or defects in a computer program and repair it. When there are a bug in a system, especially when there are lots of subsystem in it will make the debugging process become harder because a changes in one may cause bugs appear in the other.

To do this debugging process, we need a debugging tool called debugger. It is used to test and debug the program. It can see what activity a software runs on the memory. Based on that thing, we can see at what point a bug appear. OllyDbg, Debugger, and ImmunityDbg is the example of a debugger software. Continue Reading